Congratulations with the Day of defender of Ukraine on October 14 in SMS

Do not forget that it is a national holiday, so congratulations with the Day of defender of Ukraine in the Ukrainian language will be more than ever.

Привітання з Днем захисника України 14 жовтня в СМС

In 2014, we have a national holiday – the Day of defender of Ukraine. Of course, the main actors, is not politics and especially not all men, Boyfriends and even boys. At this time of congratulations, worthy of only those who at least somehow had a hand in the protection of the sovereignty and borders of Ukraine. This is the ordinary boys and men who gave up everything and went to war against the occupier.

By the way, celebrate the Day of defender of Ukraine annually on 14 October. Date of holiday is chosen not simply so. After that day two more big holiday of the Holy virgin and the Day of the Cossacks. It is noteworthy that the last party was cancelled already in independent Ukraine, and after some time returned in a new form.

If we talk about the history, the Day of the Cossacks, and later the Day of defender of Ukraine has decided to celebrate October 14, precisely because so, the festival will intersect with Pakrovai. According to legends it is believed that the blessed virgin saved the people who prayed in the Church from the invaders of the city of Constantinople. And the Ukrainian Cossacks have always prayed to her before battle and after – thanks. They believed God’s mother Protectress.

Congratulations with the Day of defender of Ukraine.

Autumn-darkie leaves tears,
The song of the rain outside the window sings,
In crimson robes wearing a grove,
Leads to visit the blessed Cover!
Let the Cover of the autumn
Waiting for you happiness, success and luck,
Always fortune wing hugs!
Congratulations to you, my defender, congratulations!

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What is autumn without rain?
What kind of pot without soup?
What’s a celebration without drinks?
What kind of army without men?
You, my dear, military,
You to the hardships of life accustomed to!
You have to cherish,
Because you’re the best, of course!
Be happy! Be healthy!
Bless you Cover!

Today Ukraine is celebrating the glorious feast,
This holiday – men’s, your party, brother.
It is a celebration of those who are ready at any moment
A family to protect and native Ukraine!
May peace always reigns, and peace around,
You let it be, my brother, to shoulder,
Let multiply achievements, let life thrives
The cover of the Mother of God you let hugs!

Dad, you are our protector!
With the holiday, I congratulate you!
Our family Savior,
Very respect you!
Know that we love you
And not betray ever.
Let luck be your guide
Beautiful let it be fate!

Congratulations with the Day of defender of Ukraine!
Good health, success and reliable logistics!
And may You always be someone to protect, but not from anyone!

Though not wear You uniform
And I know that in a difficult hour,
You as all soldiers of the world
Motherland will save us!

You my protector congratulations!
And heartily wish you,
Love, joy, kindness.
And we cloudless life!

You today we congratulate,
And sincerely wish:
Happy days, lots of affection,
The gentle Princess from a fairy tale,
And victory in life
Let everyone get to You!

Sincerely without verbosity
Wish you happiness and health.
Want to live without old age,
To work without fatigue.
I wish the best to You on earth –
I know You deserve them.

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You are a true warrior, I know!
You were able to conquer me
Without guns, swords and horse!
I congratulate you today,
My General, my love.

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