Congratulations to the day of standardization and Metrology of Ukraine in prose

Every year on 10th of October Ukraine celebrates the Day workers standardization and Metrology is a unique branch of the economy, the objectives of which are to ensure the safety of people, animals and plants, protection of assets and environmental protection.

Привітання в день працівників стандартизації та метрології України у прозі

Among the official holidays from October 10 appeared only in 2002 when the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma signed the decree N 910/2002. It was recognition of hard work of workers in the sphere of standardization at the highest state level. Interestingly, the decree was issued on the anniversary of the opening span tents for alignment and marking of trading measures and weights (it was opened in 1901 in Kharkov on the initiative of D. I. Mendeleev), informs Rus.Media.



Congratulations with the Day workers standardization and Metrology in Ukraine.

Wish clarity, attentiveness, orderliness, responsibility, mindfulness and right action, at work, high achievements, personal achievements, good health, respect, great love, sincere happiness, luck and prosperity in life.


How many years have passed since Mendeleev, and employees of service of standardization and Metrology still indispensable. I want to wish on this holiday – Day of workers of service of standardization and Metrology, to a life surrounded by good people, that there were many around who love and those who want to love. And most importantly – that every moment could be proud of their work!


Dear workers of standardization and Metrology of Ukraine thank you for the high level of protection of life and health of our population, as well as the protection of animals, plants, property and the environment. Let you are all going well, and every day becomes another occasion for joy and pride.

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Congratulations with the Day workers standardization and Metrology of Ukraine. We wish you bright thoughts, ingenuity and brilliant ideas for the rational use of various resources, we wish unchanging standard of happiness and love in your life. The success and excellent results, endless possibilities and good luck all the way.


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