Congratulations on the Day of the teacher 2018 in prose

September 27 is celebrated the “day of the tutor and all preschool workers”. The idea of this festival is to help the society to pay more attention to kindergarten and to the preschool childhood as a whole.

Привітання на День вихователя 2018 у прозі


Dear teachers!

Congratulations on your professional holiday! We wish you endless patience, because you are the first people after their parents, with whom children spend a lot of time. You make a huge contribution to their upbringing. Thank you for this! We wish that you give our children back to you in threefold, informs Rus.Media.

With a holiday!


Dear employees of the kindergarten, with professional holiday!

Only sensitive, kind and attentive women can choose this unusual, but such a responsible profession. After all, parenting requires a lot of work, benevolence and firmness of character. We wish you strong nervous system, good mood and good health.

Let our children provide you with their radiant smiles, gives boundless energy and childhood.


Dear educators and all staff of the kindergarten!

Today we celebrate your professional holiday and I wish you always be healthy, so your spirit was cheerful and happy! Good heart, great patience and great love in our little hooligans! Let’s not harden your souls, will not pass, optimism will not disappear with cute faces friendly smiles! Be happy, live in abundance, joy and prosperity!

Warmth and understanding, love and respect, beauty and joy for many years!


To be a teacher is a calling.

And let your work is not easy, but you do it perfectly. In your professional holiday we wish to thank you for the warmth, care and attention to our children.

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Sincerely wish you good health, happiness, patience, success, happiness and joy.


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