Congratulations motorist 2018 in prose

Probably a third of the world’s population in varying degrees, are motorists. They move in direct and figurative sense of humanity forward through the desert, asphalt road, rough forest trails to new achievements and goals.

Привітання з днем автомобіліста 2018 у прозі

And this festival can be considered not only professional, but also the people. Without cars it is impossible to imagine our life, thanks to them, mankind had plenty of opportunities, ranging from transportation of goods and passengers to travel around the country or the world. Motorist day is celebrated on the last Sunday of October and is a holiday not only drivers, but also all those who because of their activities as associated with cars, it repairmen, engineers, heads of enterprises of motor transport, informs Rus.Media.


Congratulations with the day of the motorist.

May your road be smooth and even, and on the way let the green light. Let’s hope the weather in your heart is always Sunny. Let the house always welcome and greeted with love.

Wish never had the desire to stop, but the brakes always worked. And health, well-being, attention and simple human happiness.


Congratulations with the day of the motorist.

Let the car is always on the go, even in your life turns only in the best way. We wish you confidence behind the wheel, the success of any trip, good luck on any road and happiness in each day.


All drivers and fans congratulations with your professional holiday!

We wish you smooth roads, proper markings, always has a green light and a full tank! Let your four-wheeled pupils always sated hum, starts with sex trafficking, and pleasing to an evil drive their owners!

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No nails, no wand!


On the day of the motorist!

Impeccable roads, interesting travel companions, perfect routes, cultural traffic participants, patience, respect, compliance, upstanding guardians of the law.

Let the wonderful, comfortable, safe your car.


Favorite, our dear drivers congratulate you on the day of the motorist!

Have a good and smooth road, tailwind, merry companions, and intelligent inspectors. Be vigilant, attentive, serious and funny, and let each trip or travel on wheels brings you only joy and pleasure.



We wish always to keep the right direction, that is to rush towards his luck, prosperity and cherished dreams, passing by setbacks and troubles. Let the car will be a faithful companion in achieving success and realization of life plans.



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