Confused Ukraine with Russia surfaced a shameful error in the exchange of prisoners, disclosed details

Перепутали Украину с Россией: всплыла позорная ошибка при обмене пленными, раскрыты детали

Airport is Ukrainian mixed with Russian during the exchange of prisoners

“An unfortunate mistake” made by the French newspaper Le Figaro in his article about large-scale exchange of prisoners which took place between Ukraine and Russia on 7 September. In the story of the edition was signed by Kiev as a Russian city.

Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to France Oleh Shamshur, in his Twitter said that the bug had to be fixed, but French journalists apologized.

“I noticed an unfortunate, as we are assured in the edition of Le Figaro, a technical error in the video on the return of Ukrainian political prisoners and sailors. The editors apologized and corrected. We continue to work together to monitor the observance of correct language in social networks and the media,” the Embassy said.

Перепутали Украину с Россией: всплыла позорная ошибка при обмене пленными, раскрыты детали

Shamshur also shared a screenshot of the corrected plot.

Перепутали Украину с Россией: всплыла позорная ошибка при обмене пленными, раскрыты детали

Previously, we reported that after returning home to Ukraine Nikolai Karpyuk said about torture in a Russian prison.

About how he was treated the Russians, the Ukrainian said in an interview with the BBC.

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According to Karpyuk, he was tortured for days, using electric current, and also not letting him sleep.

“From 21 to 25 March me every night were taken in for questioning with the help of electric current. I was then in remand prison No. 1 of Vladikavkaz. And while the day was not allowed to sleep. Kept in the interrogation room the meter on, welded metal grating. Sitting or standing is impossible, but to close your eyes didn’t,” said the former prisoner of the Kremlin.

He added that he had noticed and abuse of other prisoners.

“Every night, took out some poor guy to torture. Was driving the van for 10-15 minutes. Then wound up in a room on the fourth floor there to the appropriate body parts attached terminals and let the electric current…And before you were escorted out of the detention center, his head wore a plastic bag and wrapped with tape. And this gnashing of duct tape is just awful. Remember how after the torture the prisoner requested that he be allowed to sleep. And he shouted: “On your knees! Stay awake!” It’s hard to hear,” recalls Karpyuk.

Recall that doctors of Putin “recovered” Ukrainian hero, the details are amazing.

As reported Politeka released from captivity Ukrainian was in intensive care: “it is very bad.”

Also Politeka wrote that there are new details of the issuance Tzemach, “the powerful lobby of the FSB.”