Confused Parubiy and the company got a slap from Zelensky: “In**ivite to e*Aeneas mother”

Растерянный Парубий и компания получили оплеуху от Зеленского: "У**ывайте к е*еней матери"

Members of Parliament took up arms against President Vladimir Zelensky, who decided to disperse them early

The members of the party “national front” are trying in court to cancel the decision of the head of state. Ukrainian journalist Alexander Dubinsky in his video blog commented on the arguments of the parties.

June 11, the constitutional court heard an emergency appeal of MPs, who demanded to recognize the President’s decree on dissolving the Verkhovna Rada illegitimate. As noted by Alexander Dubinsky, judges haven’t made a final decision during the open meeting. So the case moved to the closed phase. Now the members of the constitutional court has one month to declare the verdict.

Растерянный Парубий и компания получили оплеуху от Зеленского: "У**ывайте к е*еней матери"

It should be noted that on July 21, was appointed early parliamentary elections. But if the judges decide in favor of the deputies, they can be held in the period specified by law. That is, this fall.

The blogger recalled that Vladimir Zelensky demanded to dissolve the Parliament, indicating the absence of the coalition. The judges accepted his argument and demanded that the members of the Verkhovna Rada to show the list of MPs who make up the majority. Speaker Andrew paruby said that will look for the document.

“Oh*who ate the creature for five years, from 2015 after the coalition came out of the “Batkivschyna” and “Samopomich” work without the law. The legislature is working outside the law,” — said the journalist. — “No coalition, in fact, fake most in the last five years has been for us the rules of life, laws that raised the tariffs, was appointed attorney General without education, which changed the law in 2016… determined how to spend our money budget. That is, p*zdets, organized criminal group robbed the country, not having any rights.”

Растерянный Парубий и компания получили оплеуху от Зеленского: "У**ывайте к е*еней матери"

According to Alexander Dubinsky, the current Verkhovna Rada has lowered its rating to zero. The members of the popular front yelled that Vladimir Zelensky his decree violates the right of citizens of Ukraine to elect deputies for a period of five years. “In**ivite to e*Aeneas mother,” asked the blogger to parliamentarians. “We demand that the country get rid of this n**DotA”.

The journalist also pointed to the unprecedented cynicism on the part of the “popular front”, which came to power after the ouster of former President Viktor Yanukovych.Thus, members of the party, formally, violated the right of Ukrainians to elect a President for a full term. Finally, Alexander Dubinsky asked the new leadership of the SBU and the head of the presidential Administration Andriy Bohdan as soon as possible to deal with parliamentarians. “Reform must begin, not on the faces hateful to look at,” he said finally.

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