Confirmed tornado in Metabetchouan-Lac-a-la-Croix

nombreux-arbres-ete-deracines-lundiIt’s confirmed: there has indeed been a tornado in Metabetchouan-Lac-a-la-Croix during the storm Monday. Environment Canada announced Tuesday, after having had enough evidence to confirm the phenomenon.

“This is a tornado of EF-0 category. This is the lowest category, and there is talk of winds ranging from 90 to 130 km / h, “explains meteorologist with Environment Canada, Maxime Desharnais.

Initially, it was more a question of a whirlwind of sand. “In fact, is that you investigate before asserting that there is a tornado. Monday night, we were not sure. But Tuesday morning, we received a lot of pictures and even the testimony of someone who saw the roof of his barn to fly, “says Mr. Desharnais.

According to him, all the signs were present, including hail and uprooted trees. “Moreover, what is specific to tornadoes is that it is very localized phenomenon as with damage also located. This was the case for that of Monday, “said the meteorologist.

Moreover, Maxime Desharnais mentions that eyewitness particularly helps specialists when seeking to confirm what meteorological phenomenon occurred.

“When there is a tornado, it seems. If there is that high winds, the objects move horizontally. If it’s a tornado, you really see the objects flying in the air vortex, “he says.

According to Mr. Desharnais, Monday’s tornado is the third recorded this year in the province. The first was declared on June 2 in Maniwaki, Outaouais. It was also an EF-0 tornado with winds of 130 km / h. The second took place at Lake Verne, in Haute-Mauricie, June 20. Winds reached speeds of 190 km / h. The tornado, EF-2 category, had two serious injuries, who were in a cottage.

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