Concealer better than to strike to get the perfect complexion

There are subtleties that are worth paying attention to.

Тональний крем: чим краще наносити, щоб отримати ідеальний тон обличчя

Butamanya, flat brushes, brushes-Kabuki, brush with Duoba, fingers, silicone sponges, and even a sponge for washing dishes – why not just enjoy the beauty bloggers to create the effect drotszoru skin with makeup. But really, what is better to apply concealer to get a perfect complexion without mask effect? Makeup artists say it’s a matter of taste and technique. But there are subtleties that are worth paying attention to, informs Rus.Media.

Than it is best to apply concealer

The main criterion for the choice of tool for applying Foundation – the texture of the media. For example, for mineral Foundation personal consistency need only a brush-Kabuki, as it is convenient to distribute the agent across the face, to avoid stripes and gaps. But with liquid Foundation of your choice a little wider.

Applying Foundation with a brush

You can use a flat synthetic brush, densely Packed brush, brush dooba for any liquid and cream makeup. The brush is very economical and gives the most natural effect. Flat brushes and brushes from duoro more suitable for tonal fluids, liquid media.

Flat brush to distribute the product radial movements, like a “sweep” person. Rastushevyvaet product from the center to the periphery.

For a tight “tonelok” best fit heavily filled brush and brush from duoro. They should feather tool in a circular motion from the center to the periphery.

Makeup artists say that the most natural makeup is better to use a dense brush with dooba.

Application of Foundation with a sponge

The sponge uneconomical tool, as it absorbs a lot of funds. But! It is the sponge gives a natural makeup effect drotszoru skin, which is the main makeup trend for fall 2018. Plus, you’ll be able to blend the cream for 30 seconds.

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Important: wet the sponge, he absorbed a lot of makeup and it was easy for them to shade of cream.

Tonal basis have a point to put on the face, and then with a sponge, Pat into the skin. So the cream will hide the pores, not while emphasizing peeling.

Application of Foundation with your fingers

It’s not exactly hygienic, but fingers are always with you, so, you know. The main thing is to wipe your fingers before using Foundation. Fingers to apply Foundation of any consistency, except for powder. They need to first grind the “Foundation” on the face, massage gently, and then act in the same way as the sponge moves. BB and CC creams recommend applying it with your fingers, so you literally kill the cream into the skin and you get a very smooth and natural tone.

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