Comrade Gritsenko died after a brutal beating: “it all happened in the evening”, the details of the tragedy

Соратник Гриценко скончался после зверского избиения: «все произошло вечером», подробности трагедии

In the Internet appeared the information about the death of activist of the party “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko, who was severely beaten by police

This was announced by the party of the deceased Alexander Gaystruk on his page in Facebook.

“Today my heart has stopped a remarkable man, a passionate patriot of Ukraine, Alexander Komarnitsky”, — he said.

In addition, Gaystruk also told the story of the death of comrade Gritsenko.

“The tragedy of that June night took place on the streets of our city … the Police, which should protect the peace and peaceful life of citizens — beat Sasha to a condition which was fatal. For what? Only for the fact that he refused to testify about something that had no idea and that did not allow his wise conscience! Criminal in police uniform, and those who led such scoundrels, fiends will suffer severe punishment,” he said.

Late to the tragedy responded himself Anatoly Gritsenko.

“The Kingdom of heaven bright person. Tough and inevitable punishment of the murderers in police uniform! RRT have already charged him with suspicion and put under house arrest,” he said.

The Kingdom Nebesnoe swetly Ludin. Spivchuttya Rodin I blizkim Oleksandr. Gorstka I newguarantee retribution ubivt have…

Posted by Anatoly Gritsenko on Sunday, June 23, 2019

As reported earlier, in to Vinnytsia, he was brutally beaten by local law enforcement because Alexander refused to be understood.

According to available information, Alexander Komarnicki was hospitalized and was transferred to intensive care. Doctors stated a fracture of the skull base, after which the colleague Anatoly Gritsenko introduced in a medically induced coma.

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The wife of the victim Les Komarnicki told reporters that the condition of Alexander “serious but stable”. She also said that after the terrible incident in the hospital comes from the leadership of the local national police.

The security forces had apologized for the actions of their colleagues and asked to write a statement. Les Komarnicki also does not believe in the official version of the incident, which States that Alexander allegedly acted in conflict when dealing with the police. She explained that “the husband is non-confrontational and the police is good”.

Соратник Гриценко скончался после зверского избиения: «все произошло вечером», подробности трагедии

Recall the famous Ukrainian journalist fractured skull: “investigated large cones”.

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As informed Politeka, well-known Ukrainian journalist got into the hands of bandits.