Compress, which will help to disperse the salt on the neck

If you approach the problem comprehensively, you will be able to get rid of salt in time.

Компрес, який допоможе розігнати солі на шиї

The deposition of salts on the neck is a very tricky thing. The salt does not bring us any discomfort, except for the crunch in the neck, but they can cause very unpleasant complications. One of the consequences of osteochondrosis, and it is an unpleasant sore. To avoid this, you need to act immediately and to get rid of unnecessary accumulations, informs Rus.Media.

The deposition of salts on the neck

There is an opinion that the main cause of salt accumulation is excessive use of salt. However, scientists have long denied this fact.

Some doctors claim that the accumulation provokes excessive consumption of foods that contain protein. But still, the majority believes that it’s the wrong nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. It is proved that the accumulation of salts on the neck are more often worried about people who spend a lot of time with his head down. Especially those who work a lot on computer.

After a long stay in the same posture muscles overworked, and eventually completely lose their tone. It is not the root cause, of course, but the risk of accumulation increases significantly.

It is also better to exclude from a diet meat and fish fat sorts, as well as the guts of animals. It is advisable to refuse from spices and sauces, and puff pastry, pickles and spicy food. You need to add in the diet more fresh vegetables, will be very useful pumpkin juice.

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Well, with diet figured out, now is the time to learn how to cope with the deposition of salts, once it appeared. You can resort to traditional means.


There is a special massage that breaks up salt deposits. It is good for stagnation in the tissues and improves circulation. If you find a good professional, it can be very effective. However, you need to prepare for the fact that it will take a long time, but still kind of expensive.


A wonderful procedure that makes salts are more soft and easier excretion from the body.

Medicinal methods

Most often prescribe a course of injections that relieve symptoms. For example, muscle relaxants or opiates. Here only it does not solve the problem, but only helps to reduce the discomfort.

All of these methods are effective and apply them better in combination. Better yet, add to this complex the tool, the recipe which we’ll share below. This poultice is very effective against salts on the neck.

Recipe compress

To prepare it, you will need potatoes, honey and fir oil. Grate potatoes on fine grater and mix with honey in the ratio of one to one. Then apply it on your neck and shoulders, top skutaites something warm and leave for two hours. Well it is time to relax and lie down. After you remove the wrap and lubricate sore spot fir oil.

Repeat the procedure every evening a course of 7-10 days. You will soon see the result: discomfort in the neck will become easier to move.

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If you approach the problem comprehensively, you will be able to get rid of salt in time and you don’t have to know what is low back pain. Do the exercises, do the compresses and stay healthy!

This article is for informational purposes only, before use or application of any medicine, consult your doctor.

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