Communal tariffs was a big hoax: dead souls, a divorce in the trash and not only

Тарифы на коммуналку оказались большим обманом: мертвые души, развод на мусоре и не только

It became known as the utility enriched by the Ukrainians

The rent, which the Ukrainians are paying every month, is 70% of the salaries of employees of the municipal enterprise. However, any rules stipulating the number of employees in the state of this structure does not exist, reported vesti.

That is, theoretically, the rates that public utilities submit for approval to the local authorities, you can include any number of personnel.

Тарифы на коммуналку оказались большим обманом: мертвые души, развод на мусоре и не только

“For example, there is a boiler house in the old rules specified that the clock should be one person. That is, in the state there must be at least five people. And in fact the boiler is already automated, and there’s generally anyone right now there. The same applies to pumping systems for water utilities and so on. It’s everywhere. Many use these old rules that do not have legislative status. A sort of bubble, which is always inflated in tariffs according to the principle “ask for more — and there is much give,” — said the publication of the employee Housing Union of Ukraine.

So the company is beneficial to include in their calculations of all — both living and “dead” souls to the maximum. The local authorities claim these provisions, and they form the tariffs, which are borne on the shoulders of ordinary Ukrainians.

The overestimation of the state enterprises for illegal enrichment — standard scheme is left of the earnings of public utilities.

Previously to approve this decision, went with suitcases of money to the National Commission for regulation in energy and utilities (NKREKU). And now it’s even easier — enter “box from under the copier” local officials and deputies.

Another relatively legitimate way of taking money from the local population — a service for the collection of solid waste.

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Тарифы на коммуналку оказались большим обманом: мертвые души, развод на мусоре и не только

Under current regulations, this category of waste should be disposed of onsite, as among the wastes that Ukrainians throw in the trash, there are some useful items (metal, plastic, glass bottles can be profitable to sell).

Income from “valuable trash” should cover the cost of its removal. But we have people pay for garbage removal from your pocket, and someone sells it at a profit, putting the profit in your pocket. Therefore, local public utilities are not profitable to install containers for separate waste collection, but even where they stand, residents still pay for all waste removal.

“Making waste is a profitable thing if to do so comprehensively, that is to not allow anyone to pick out “the raisins out of buns”. And in fact someone had a PET, someone metal someone glass someone paper. If debris were engaged in systematically, then, of course, it would have the effect of decreasing utility payments”, — explained ex-the Minister of housing. However, Ukrainians are still paying for it pay, though to include it in the fare illegally.

We will remind, the utility shocked the long list of addresses: hundreds of families remain without gas

As reported Politeka, the second stage of monetization of subsidies has already started — what will change for Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a new decision on tariffs for gas.