Commodity prices collapse: the adoption of the new law make life easier for Ukrainians

Цены на товары рухнут: принятие нового закона облегчит жизнь украинцам

If passed the bill “On the regime of joint transit” Ukrainians can expect lower prices for imported goods

In Ukraine may soon be finally adopted bill No. 9532 “On the regime of joint transit”, which is designed to bring together the Ukrainian customs legislation with the European one. This writes the UBR.

The common transit system with the European Union involves:

— Implementation of specific software at the customs office, enabling it to work synchronously with the customs of other European countries;

— Ukraine will be able to use European transit rules that will allow companies to use a single customs Declaration and a single guarantee for the movement of goods from its warehouse to the warehouse of the customer;

— There will be a substantial acceleration and cheaper movement of goods, which will benefit all participants in the supply chain — exporters, carriers, importers.

Цены на товары рухнут: принятие нового закона облегчит жизнь украинцам

The bill will allow to reduce the number of customs formalities necessary for controlling the transit movement.

“Ukrainian customs will receive from colleagues from other countries in advance with information on goods prior to their crossing of the Ukrainian border, which will analyze operations in terms of their risk before arrival of goods to Ukraine. In addition, it will allow us to reasonably determine the forms of customs control, thereby delaying the goods at the border customs inspections and other quality control procedures,” – said the Deputy Minister of Finance Sergey Varlamov.

Lawyers in General, like the bill, the transferring operation of Ukrainian customs in the common customs area of the EU. In their view, the import of which has already passed the customs procedures of European Union, can not be considered risky, as confirmed by Europeans, the customs value will be automatically accepted Ukrainian custom. If it works the law at once.

Цены на товары рухнут: принятие нового закона облегчит жизнь украинцам

“I think it will not happen automatically. This is disadvantageous to our customs. Although the Declaration of the EU will be appropriate and sufficient argument in favor of taxpayers. So, over time, using the courts, we can expect the implementation of EU law by Ukrainian customs. And, accordingly, will not only accelerate and reduce the cost of movement of goods, but imports cheaper in Ukraine”, – said the head of tax practice, JSC “Em Dzhi Grup”, the lawyer Natalia Dubyna.

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