“Come on you***”: the famous Russian does not keep emotions because of Russia’s return to PACE

«Пошли вы на***»: знаменитый россиянин не сдержал эмоций из-за возвращения России в ПАСЕ

Garry Kasparov was stunned by the news that parliamentarians in PACE returned to the Russian delegation to the Assembly

Russian opposition leader and former world chess champion could not hold back his emotions and swore to address the German politicians who voted positively for this scandalous decision.

Your “cry from the heart” Kasparov has published in his microblog in the social network Twitter. “On behalf of Russian civil society, forced to live abroad, you’re on the go…,” wrote the opposition leader.

«Пошли вы на***»: знаменитый россиянин не сдержал эмоций из-за возвращения России в ПАСЕ

To speak obscenely, he was forced to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Haiko Maas, who said that the return of Russia in PACE is “good news for civil society in Russia”.

Kasparov also commented: “Appeasement of a dictator and reward aggression will exacerbate the situation, as it always has”. He also added that “the old dream of Europe and the world, which is ruled by law, not force of arms”, came to an end.

Garry Kasparov walked and deputies from the Netherlands. He reminded them about the downed Russian invaders in the Donbas “Boeing”: “198 Dutch killed on MH17 Russia”. And the fact that 8 out of 10 Dutch parliamentarians called for a return of Russia to the PACE, he noted that they “acted on the side of Putin.”

Also the opposition called the vote in the Assembly to surrender.

As previously reported, participants of the summer session of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Wednesday, June 26, approved the resolution of the monitoring Committee, which confirms the credentials of the Russian delegation in full.

The adoption of the controversial resolution was passed with 116 MPs, against 62, abstentions 15.

“Russia remains in PACE as a full-fledged party, without any restrictions”, – said the press the head of the group of the unified European left in PACE, the Netherlands representative Tiny Kox.

We will add that PACE rejected all sanctions amendments to the draft resolution.

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The Ukrainian delegation after adopted by the parliamentarians of the PACE of decisions has declared, that leaves the Assembly.

«Пошли вы на***»: знаменитый россиянин не сдержал эмоций из-за возвращения России в ПАСЕ

Head of the Ukrainian delegation Volodymyr Ariev said that the issue of further membership of Ukraine in PACE will decide the new composition of the Verkhovna Rada, which will be chosen NV early parliamentary elections on 21 June.

We will remind, Putin spoke about friendship with Ukraine, and Zelensky, Ukrainians in anger: “Dwarf hang”.

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