Combat cities: Sherbrooke on the service road

jonathan-cabana-sous-chef-antidote(SHERBROOKE) The first duel of the Sherbrooke team Combat cities did not keep the audience in suspense, Monday night on TV CBC, the duo formed by the Deputy Head of Antidote FoodLab Jonathan Cabana, and the chief owner of the Mark, Daniel Charbonneau, who quickly dropped flag to Montrealers Simon Laborde and Walter Roy.

From the initial challenge of making local purchases at the lowest price to benefit from the advantage of a man in the kitchen, Sherbrooke residents returned from their trip to the Market Station, the Vegetarian, the Provigo Jacques-Cartier and in vertigo with a higher bill than Montrealers who scrutinized the Chinese district of the metropolis. When they then pointed in the kitchen of Montreal Plaza to prime the heart of deer and cod tripe imposed by the chef-owner Charles-Antoine Crête, was criticized their lack of finesse and flavor of carpaccio.

So it is significantly behind in scoring that Cabana and Charbonneau returned to the headquarters of the brigade where the second challenge was to prepare a rack of veal taken from a slaughter room. Boning in the square to draw loin they decided to cook lavender crust, Sherbrooke residents did not respect the basic guidelines of the challenge.

In allocating points, judges Normand Laprise and Daniel Vézina were again granted for the Montreal duo noting the lack of cooking carrots and too sweet sauce on the plate of Sherbooke. the quality of lavender crust enrobait their piece of meat was applauded, however.

“I find a bit harsh,” admitted Jonathan Cabana when the verdict was in favor of Montrealers.

Philosopher Daniel Charbonneau regretted that experience and logic had failed them.

While Montreal and Granby Saguenay found in the semifinals, Sherbrooke take the service road last chance alongside Chelsea and Longueuil.

It remains a duel in this initial round, which will end next Monday when the team Sainte-Adèle Quebec will try to surprise.

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