Collision between a motorcycle and skaters in Saint-Honore

apres-contact-motocycliste-ete-ejecteA man who was traveling in-line skates and a motorcyclist were injured during an incident Wednesday night accident in Saint-Honore.

Two skaters rolled on the way streams when oncoming motorcycle. The driver of the vehicle was about to exceed the two, but they were also displaced at the same time. The collision could not be avoided.

The motorcyclist was thrown from his machine and one of the skaters was dragged to the ground several meters. Both men were taken to hospital. It does not fear for their lives, confirms Eric Fortin, supervisor at the Cooperative EMTs Quebec (CTAQ).

“Both victims were 24 years old. Man glides suffered abrasions on the body as it was dragged on the asphalt. The motorcyclist was ejected, but had no apparent injuries on our arrival, “says Fortin.

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