Collapse on the border: Ukrainians are not allowed in the EU, there were photos and videos

Коллапс на границе: украинцев не пускают в ЕС, появились фото и видео

At border crossing points with the EU is a mess

In Transcarpathia, on the border with the neighboring to Ukraine countries were formed kilometer traffic jams.

About it reports the edition

It is known that people stood in line for about ten hours or more:

“The queue at the checkpoint “Uzhgorod – Cherry German” on the border with Slovakia stretches for several kilometers along the ring road of Uzhgorod”.

It is also known that at the checkpoint “Tisa – záhony” on the border with Hungary standing in the queue of about 300 cars.

Moreover, many drivers were not able to cross the border with Hungary through the checkpoint “Kosino”, as it is only open until 20:00. At the checkpoint “Luzhanka – Beregsurány” near Beregovo and foremost to the border with Hungary lasted for the border village of Astei.

The reason for this chaos could be the Ukrainian migrant workers working abroad, they are now back after the Easter holidays in the countries of the European Union to work.

Recall stating in the Ukrainian capital on prospect Grigorenko major accident involving eight vehicles. It is known that a drunk driver smashed the Mercedes to pieces seven cars.

Коллапс на границе: украинцев не пускают в ЕС, появились фото и видео

Drunk inadequate rammed the fence of a local car Park and smashed up seven cars parked there. The accident occurred at about 00:30:

“The Mercedes was moving along the Avenue Grigorenko in the street Boris Hmyria. The driver of the car ignored the separation of the roadway and flew into the green zone,” — eyewitnesses.

Recall that named a country, where Ukrainian workers: “the highest wages”

As reported Politeka, in the Poltava region overturned bus with passengers.

Also Politeka wrote that in the river a tragedy occurred on the highway.