Coderre accused of censorship by a right-wing commentator

ezra-levant-affirme-sa-plusThe right-wing commentator Ezra Levant crying censorship. He says his latest ad in his campaign against the decision of the Mayor Denis Coderre to oppose East Energy Project was banned under pressure from City Hall and to avoid offending the Muslim community.

In a 14-minute video put online Thursday, Mr. Levant says he tried to set up a third billboard in front of Montreal City Hall to denounce the opposition mayor of the oil pipeline project led by East energy. “When Denis Coderre said no to East Energy project, he says yes to oil Sharia exported by OPEC,” reads the advertisement. The poster shows a photo of the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman of Saudi Arabia.

But while the other two ads were without problems, the company Outfront Media has denied this time the latest version of this campaign since the beginning of the year.

“When we asked why, we were told to have fear of offending Muslim activists and even the Saudi dictator himself. ”

– Ezra Levant

The commentator is however went further by saying the mayor’s office Coderre intervened with Outfront it ceases to distribute such advertising. “The display company also said that the Montreal City Hall put pressure on him to stop airing our commercials and that if she continued, she might struggle. Liberal politicians will perhaps give him more licenses, “says Levant.

To support his words, the commentator has released two emails sent by an employee of the company display and recording of a conversation with a Canadian Outfront ruling. In these, the company said he was not comfortable with the mention of the word “sharia”. “This is religion and politics and we want to avoid this,” it said in a message.


Despite this refusal, however, said Ezra Levant could circulate at all costs and continue its advertising campaign against “Sharia leftists”.

“We have freedom of expression. We have the right to criticize the Saudi king or the liberal mayor of Montreal. We will broadcast this advertisement in Montreal, even if I myself hold the panel in the corner. ”

Ezra Levant, who runs the website The Rebel, launched in early 2016 a campaign to denounce the opposition to the Montreal East Energy Pipeline Project. To carry his message, the commentator has decided to bet on billboards, whose costs are financed by its listeners. The first advertisement broadcast in February called the “end of oil-related equalization payments” for Quebec. The second said that the mayor “prefers sewer pipes to oil pipelines,” referring to the discharge of sewage into the river last fall.


Checks made from Statistics Canada, Quebec does not import oil from Saudi Arabia for several years. More than half (55%) of the oil used in the Belle Province rather comes from the United States. The rest is imported from Algeria (13%), Norway (9%), Nigeria (7%) and Angola (6%). New Brunswick, however, important Saudi Arabian oil.

At the time of this writing, Outfront Media and Coderre mayor’s office had not commented on the release of Ezra Levant.

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