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defi-tetes-rasees-2016-trois(Trois-Rivieres) The generosity of Micheline L’Heureux is not only incurable, it is also contagious. The latter was in the 7th consecutive participation in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. And no question for her to stop.

Ms. L’Heureux could say she lived near the cancer. Before embarking on this shaving marathon, she was hit by breast cancer. Still, she can say she did well output. “It was not so bad, I did not do chemotherapy, I did not do radiation, but I lost a piece,” she drops by reference to that mastectomy it has suffered.

“I know what is the disease so it is my pleasure to give small children who are sick, who should not be sick. That is the least of things, “she says.

She never regret this gesture, on the contrary. “The first year, I did not know what I would head because I had long hair, but now I know. I was happy, that’s why I do it every time. And for the summer, I am. No shampoo, no toothbrush, “she laughs.

For this 14th edition, they were more than 70 participants to succeed and to sit on the seats of the stage erected in the middle of the Rivers Centre. Each turn, they saw their hair down for the benefit of children with cancer. Their efforts helped raise $ 58,000 for Leucan Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec, a good start toward the goal of $ 110,000 for harvest Three Rivers only.

Growing children

People more and more young people seem motivated to put their price on his head. It was not uncommon to see girls and boys get on the stage, alone or in groups, to give up their hair under the razor.

“Children are increasingly involved, it’s amazing. We find more and more challenges in primary schools. Yet it is not seeking in primary schools, but there are many initiatives. It’s fascinating, “says Claudie Lemay, Project for Leucan Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Québec.

For Leah Simon, 12, are the commercials on television that gave him the idea to shave his hair in support of children with cancer. For the occasion, her family supported her in this gesture they see as touching.

“It was she who started it all, who made the fundraiser, which walked with piggy banks. She managed to raise $ 1,000. It is very inspiring, “wanted to highlight his father Nicolas Simon, obviously proud of the initiative of his daughter. The latter has to take time to get used to its new head before planning to participate again.

Although Ms. Lemay has been involved for several years with Leucan, she continues to be amazed by the participants who, through support, decided to thin out the coconut.

“People are so brave. It fascinates me every year. It was an impressive number of women participating, with very long hair or shorter hair. It is courageous no matter [the length of hair], “she says.

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