Coca-Cola useful: the doctors surprise a statement about the healing effect of harmful drink

Кока-кола полезна: медики удивили заявлением о целебном эффекте вредного напитка

Scientists surprised by a new discovery about the effect on health is known to drink

Against the background of numerous statements about the dangers of soda new findings of scientists seem somewhat surprising: it turned out that is known around the world drink good for digestion. About the research that led scientists to declare this, reported in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

In publishing the doctors told about the healing effect of Coca-Cola, a beverage produced in the gastrointestinal tract.

In particular, the experts were informed that its use helps the body to get rid of “stomach savings” that prevent the healthy process of digestion and contribute to uncomfortable conditions. This property “pop” has been confirmed by series of experiments.

“People suffering from indigestion, bad coping with the processing of products tend to clog the bowel (vegetables, fruits, whole grains), after drinking Coca-Cola all the problems disappeared,” elaborated the paramedics in this article.

Scientists believe that the stimulation of digestion Coca-Cola is its high acidity, high content of phosphorous and carbon dioxide. According to doctors, this drink is similar with gastric juice. Carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate enhance the dissolution process of food, they added.

At the same time, experts note that Coca-Cola is not a healthy drink. A number of scientific studies have provided data which indicate that its use is associated with serious disorders in the organs and in metabolic reactions. Experts reminded that any venom could provide the antidote with the proper reception in the microdozes.

Кока-кола полезна: медики удивили заявлением о целебном эффекте вредного напитка

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