Closing the Swann Centre of Trois-Rivieres

centre-swann-trois-rivieres-ferme(Trois-Rivieres) The Centre Swann Trois-Rivières closed. Clients of this training center for women located on the boulevard Jean-XXIII in Trois-Rivières-Ouest sector have stops in closed doors Tuesday.

“I am pleased to have established this company and have operated in the past year. This is a difficult decision, but it had to take, “says in a statement the owner Swann Centre of Trois-Rivières, Lynda Turcotte.

Clients, however, have the opportunity to attend the Athletic Centre TR boulevard Recollets, which comply with the subscriptions of the client Swann Centre.

A room dedicated exclusively to women has been fitted and the customer will have access to ongoing groups, even during spinning at the daycare.

“Everything has been put in place to ensure a smooth transition with clients and ensure that activities are continuing normally,” says Lynda Turcotte, who notes that the other two branches of the athletic center TR also respect the subscriptions Swann Centre.

The owner of the athletic center TR Laurie Bellerive says his training center will meet the needs of customers of Swann Centre.

“We will be able to offer the same environment and the same quality of facilities. We renovated a room of our central boulevard Recollets to ensure it meets the needs of women so that they can continue their training with confidence, “she says.

“Our team will be available to listen and to provide the necessary support to customers.”

As part of this closure, all contracts traded by Swann Trois-Rivières from suppliers and partners will be paid by the trustee and Roy Métivier Roberge.

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