Climate disaster powerfully hit Ukraine: “never will…”

Климатическая катастрофа мощно ударит по Украине: «больше никогда не будет…»

Natural disasters deprive Ukrainians of the whole of the time of year

Scientists warn of climate catastrophe that is rapidly coming to Ukraine. In the near future the country is in danger of losing winter. Member of the intergovernmental panel on climate change Svetlana Krakowski told the details of the phenomenon.

Recently, scientists conducted a study that showed how global warming will change life in Ukraine. The results were frightening. As experts predict, before the end of the 21st century in the country will disappear “winter climate”. It provides that the average daily temperature falls below zero. Through couple of tens years the freeze will stop in the South of Ukraine. According to the researchers, if the thermometer will drop below zero, it is extremely rare and for a short time.

Климатическая катастрофа мощно ударит по Украине: «больше никогда не будет…»

But the annual rainfall in the country should be maintained. As scientists assure, rain and snow will fall mainly in winter and spring. The summer will be much drier. This time of year will differ abundant short rains.

Scientists preduprejdayut: natural disaster threatens to dry up the black sea coast of Ukraine. Soon in Ukraine there should appear some new postit in dopolnenie to the biggest in Europe — the Oleshkovsky Sands in the Kherson region.

“Around it are planted the world’s largest man-made forest, which hinders the promotion of the Sands. Unfortunately, fires and illegal logging cause serious damage to this forest. In no case should not be allowed to disappear, because if that happens, global warming will help the desert grow”, — explained Svetlana Krakow.

Климатическая катастрофа мощно ударит по Украине: «больше никогда не будет…»

Global warming will have an impact even in the woods. Research shows that by the end of the century Ukrainian pine will remain only on the peaks of the Carpathians. Scientists fear that the forest area will retreat deep into Belarus.

At the same time, Ukraine faces another terrible ecological disaster. Ukrainians can lose drinking water. Scientists are sounding the alarm and warn of deadly consequences.

According to researchers at the present scale of consumption will be enough water only for 25 years. No drinking water sources are already trying to survive more than 800 Ukrainian settlements. Rivers, streams and other water bodies dry quickly.

We will remind, the fire disaster has befallen Russia: “hundreds burned alive, all in the smoke”.

As reported Politeka, powerful catastrophe gripped the Ukrainian lands: “have to say goodbye to the usual products.”

Also Politeka wrote that the irreversible catastrophe will destroy all of Europe: “the victims can not be avoided.”