Classic for the foundation

courtier-pierre-alexandre-gingras-gestionnaireThe tunes of Lady Marmalade, My Heart Will Go On and New York, New York, singers, dancers and musicians from high school Odyssey Lafontaine / Dominique-Racine revisit classic movies on 28 April. This show, the great musical odyssey, will raise money for the school’s foundation, which helps underprivileged students.

This is the first edition of this fundraiser, says administrative manager of the establishment, Armand Bergeron. “Every year, usually, we put together a musical. This year we decided to make a little easier by choosing to do a song show, “he added.

The money raised by the sale of tickets for the evening, which will also offer a dinner for former Odyssey Lafontaine / Dominique-Racine, used to buy clothes and school supplies to students most in need. The Odyssey will also fund part of youth registration or pay for the meals to those most in need.

“We will seek $ 10,000 with that. It allows us to meet the demand, “says Bergeron.

He noted that since the foundation was established, it was six years ago, fundraisers are held every year, as a golf tournament. “We must reinvent itself. We can not always have the same kind of event. That’s why we decided to make the show the great musical odyssey, “he says.

The presidents of honor of the event, the notary Marc Beaulieu and Pierre-Alexandre Gingras broker, believe that the cause for which the Dominique-Racine Lafontaine Foundation was created is more than important.

“It’s a good cause for the youth. There are some who are more in need than others. The school is very important, so it is necessary to provide support, “says Gingras.

Marc Beaulieu, a former student of the school, this is a good time to join the graduates. “We try to create a register of all those who passed through this establishment. Participate in something like this allows us to give back to the school that offered both. It’s a good thing, “he adds.

According to him, it is hard to believe that young people require so much material “base”. He added that he is not really aware of the most pressing needs, in contrast to teachers and principals. “Being involved in a fundraiser like this allows me to help students anyway”, he believes.

“It is often said that it is the government that must act and make a difference with our taxes. Unless the government is everyone too! So it’s important that we do our part, “said Beaulieu.

This year, concludes Pierre-Alexandre Gingras, the needs are greatest. “We are in a sluggish economy and it shows. There are many companies that close, so more young people need help.

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