“Civil conflict in the Donbass” there was a powerful response to the controversial words Kolomoisky

«Гражданский конфликт на Донбассе»: появился мощный ответ на скандальные слова Коломойского

Resonant statement of Igor Kolomoisky, called the events in Donbas is not a war, a civil conflict, has managed to cause a violent reaction

Scandalous Ukrainian oligarch struck an unexpected statement in an interview with Bihus.info. In it he said that in the Donbass is now a “civil conflict, we could say that the civil war, but the war is just more globally, and it is a civil conflict.”

According to him, currently in the East of the country at war “Ukrainians with Ukrainians”.

“Provoked and organized it [the conflict] Russia on the one hand. And on the other hand is also not doing well”, — said Kolomoisky.

It responded to his statement, the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak. In an interview with “Straight” he stressed that I would not like to assess Kolomoisky.

«Гражданский конфликт на Донбассе»: появился мощный ответ на скандальные слова Коломойского

“He’s with the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine is very much assisted the Armed forces. But I honestly was surprised. Because I thought that in Ukraine there is no one person who thought so. I thought that all Ukrainians know who was fighting in the Donbass, what weapon, and who carried out the aggression in the Crimea, and in Donetsk, and in Lugansk,” — said the Minister.

He also added that aggression against Ukraine has begun Russia.

“I once again would like to stress that the Russian Federation in 2014 has carried out aggression against Ukraine. And today, we are defending ourselves from an aggressor”, — said the Poltorak.

We will remind, earlier the businessman Igor Kolomoisky has blown to smithereens the proposal of Vladimir Zelensky to communicate with business representatives in public.

«Гражданский конфликт на Донбассе»: появился мощный ответ на скандальные слова Коломойского

The oligarch believes that businessmen need to talk tete-a-tete,because it’s so serious.

“To collect very much. To get everyone together — it is a utopia. That is, if you want someone to communicate, then communicate one on one. With big business don’t communicate like a farm. It’s not the collective-farm meeting. Everyone money loves silence and no one will talk about their secrets,” — said Kolomoisky.

Recall that Zelensky has stirred up a bold step to end the war.

As reported Politeka, Kolomoisky issued a verdict on PrivatBank.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that Kolomoisky has commented on requests to Zelensky.