CIUSSS: nothing escapes the cuts

presidente-presidente-directrice-generale-ciusssNo department is immune from the new cuts of $ 15 million imposed on integrated university Centre for Health and Social Services (CIUSSS) in the region. Of the 130 posts abolished, professional services and multidisciplinary services respectively 65 and 16 lose jobs. Mental health and support for the independence of older people are also hit by the cuts with the loss of five positions and 12.6. Yet two priority sectors for the Prime Minister, who promised this week to reinvest in mental health programs and home care.

In the nursing department, is expected abolition of ten jobs. But the number should be higher because the nurses are found in many other affected sectors, including the youth program will be cut by 6.2 employees. Spiritual services are not spared. In Chicoutimi, a near full-time position (0.8) will be deleted. In 2014, remember, the CSSS Lac-Saint-Jean-Est had come under fire by abolishing the post of head of the ministry.

150 measurements

In all, nearly 150 measures will be implemented during the year to reduce expenses by $ 15 million.

“These are indeed a lot of measures ranging from a few thousand dollars to over a million. And it is the addition of these measures will allow us to reach the target of $ 15 million, “said the President and CEO of CIUSSS, Martine Couture.

The draft regional surgery, which aims to optimize the use of trays in the region, is one of the most profitable for CIUSSS, which will save a million $.

With the establishment of Optilab, that is to say the centralization of laboratory tests in Chicoutimi, the regional network will save $ 500,000 by eliminating 43.2 positions.


In addition to job losses, the management of account CIUSSS increase revenues with parking. Employees and visitors of some health centers will indeed pay more for parking space, which will bring nearly $ half million regional health network.

“Of course choose between a parking measure or care service organization measure, the choice was obvious,” expressed Ms. Couture.

The CIUSSS will also address the absenteeism rate has surged this year. By focusing on case by case and by monitoring more closely the “greatest salary insurance users,” the organization hopes to save $ 1.5 million.

As for the claims of the various unions, wishing that some patients have to pay more drugs, Ms. Couture did not want to move forward on this ground, claiming not to hold all the answers.

“There was no consultation with professionals. There are psychiatrists who learned this week that there would be cuts in their department. ”

She said it is a “purely accounting transaction”, which is only intended to reduce the numbers and does not take into account the needs of the population. Moreover, she believes that cuts directly affect patients. “The price of parking will increase and that the cafeteria food also. There are even some dressings that people will have to pick themselves! The population will have to dip into their pockets as a result of these cuts, “she says.

Côté also gives the example of patients undergoing chemotherapy. “We know that this kind of treatment gives vomiting several people. Well, they’ll have to pick themselves anti-nausea drugs, so they are administered by the CIUSSS. And it will be the same for hospices “She believes there is a drift towards private.

“We were asked to work with the CIUSSS to minimize impacts this summer. We are prepared to do so unless we want to take the time to analyze the different options and work together this fall, “says Côté.

She also believes that some cuts are not feasible, and would like the CIUSSS noticing. It considers in particular that the removal of a nurse in the psychiatric wing could cause many problems. “The psychiatric unit has needs at any time of day or night. If we remove a post, it can affect patient safety, but also the workers, “she says.

“Managers are responding”
(Laure Gagnon-Tremblay) – The Liberal government is forcing the hand of the region’s CIUSSS managers to make cuts in services to the population, said the president of the Union Advocates’ health Northeastern Quebec (SIISNEQ ), Nathalie Savard.

“When did us the announcement of budget cuts on Monday, managers were not very happy. There CIUSSS person who is happy with these cuts, I think, “said Mrs. Savard.

According to her, the primary responsibility of the announced job losses are Barrette Minister, Prime Minister Couillard and all members who support them.

“An order of $ 15 million to cut, it is not easy to achieve, she admits. Managers are only responding to requests from the government. ”

According to her, care will increasingly to private, and it is the population that scoop.

The president of the SIISNEQ thinks we are also witnessing a deterioration of health care. “I think Dr. Couillard has not practiced nor set foot in a health department for a long time. Otherwise, he would notice the decrease in the quality of services. ”

It also mentions that the CIUSSS announced the elimination of approximately 135 full time equivalent positions. “It means that it will be maybe 200 or 250 people who will be affected in the end,” says Ms. Savard.

Moreover, the president added that it is not the workers represented by the SIISNEQ who are mostly affected by the cuts, but it feels nonetheless arrested, since they are colleagues who pay the price.

Assisted dying

(Laura Levesque) – One patient Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean got medical help to die since the entry into force of the Law of life care in December. This is the only person who made the request, between December 10 and June 9, because no request was denied, according to data released Wednesday by the direction of CIUSSS.

In the province, more than 120 patients have sought medical help to die since December. But nearly 30% of these people were unable to benefit. On several occasions, the patient died before surgery.

Other regions of Quebec have disclosed such information in recent days. Mauricie and Centre-du-Quebec, for example, 11 people have applied. In the Outaouais, eight patients have claimed that intervention, but only five have benefited.

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