Citizens of the USA are doomed: scientists have warned of the mortal danger

Жители США обречены: ученые предупредили о смертельной опасности

One of the countries on the planet could be wiped off the face of the earth a powerful natural element

Scientists are worried about the fate of the United States of America.

In this country, according to experts, there could be supersimetriya. And the disaster will happen in the near future. The reason – seismic anomalies.

Жители США обречены: ученые предупредили о смертельной опасности

So, for the last nine years, the number of deep earthquakes in the area of fault is the San Andreas fault has reached more than two million.

Scientists from Caltech in Pasadena are concerned that this figure continues to grow.

These mini-earthquakes are a serious concern for the experts. This anomaly can lead to a great tragedy – a small aftershock can trigger supersimetriya.

Today, seismic situation restless – in-depth the aftershocks are continuing. This means that the most powerful earthquake can be expected at any moment. The consequences and the damage it this would be simply disastrous.

As previously reported, soon Ukrainians will shudder at the devastating catastrophe that threatens to destroy everything around. Once in 100-120 years in the Ukraine event of a powerful earthquake.

A “disaster” needs to happen in the next few decades. This warned the Deputy Director of the Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Ukraine Alexander KENDZERA.

Threatened the inhabitants of Transcarpathia. This region is located in the seismic zone. According to the archives, about once a century, it is shaken by powerful aftershocks. The last earthquake was raided in 1908.

“Clearly, there is cause for worry, for if we look at the map of seismic intervention in Ukraine, where it is shown that in Transcarpathia can be a global earthquake. They already have been. Local effects, even up to 8 points,” explained Alexander KENDZERA. The power of the new earthquake also can reach 8-9, 12-point Richter scale.

Жители США обречены: ученые предупредили о смертельной опасности

The main danger of a natural disaster is impossible to predict. The scientist said that after an hour the predictions can be false. Of course, over the decades, the seismic situation in Transcarpathia could change. But if the earthquake happened regularly in the past — high risk of new aftershocks.

Alexander KENDZERA urged Ukrainians to prepare for future earthquakes now. According to him, it is necessary to build houses in seismic regions of Ukraine. Then the cataclysm will not cause significant damage.

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