Citizens honored for saving Natasha

natasha-raymond-ete-victime-agression(Nicolet) The free assault on the young Natasha Raymond in October while walking on the street Laviolette in Trois-Rivières has shocked everyone. His attacker was then beaten a dozen teenage strokes with a small mass. The intervention of two citizens, Martin Lessard and Claude Lamy, has saved the life of the teenager and quickly arrest a suspect.

Both Trifluviens received citations of honor Monday at the occasion of the 10th Police Appreciation Day held at the National School Nicolet Police.

Alerted by the cries of Natasha Raymond the night of the assault, Martin Lessard came out of his apartment to scare away the attacker. He then helped the girl when she was the head and face bloodied, until help arrives on site.

For police officers, there is no doubt. Natasha Raymond would have died without intervention of Martin Lessard. This was however not present at Monday’s ceremony and later in the afternoon declined interview requests Nouvelliste.

Natasha Raymond continues to live with the consequences of its aggression. The girl who led an acting career since she was a young confess not to have the taste to pursue its projects. It says its concentration and motivation are not what they were before the assault.

The teenager is pleased however to the honor paid to Martin Lessard. “He deserves it. He still jumped on the guy, “she says, stating that it wants to meet him.

“I’d like that to talk with him, because I do not remember what happened. I want to thank him. It is because of him that I’m still alive, “said the teenager thankful.

The night of the assault, Claude Lamy was also alerted by the cries of the girl. When he left home, he saw the attacker fleeing the place. Without hesitation, Mr. Lamy jumped on the assailant and threw to the ground. The latter loses his weapon, but able to get up to catch the flight.

The police then arrested Marc Perron, a man with a long criminal past. Recall that Perron has since been charged with assault with Natasha Raymond place and is kept behind bars.

Moments after receiving a citation of honor, Claude Lamy said he was very touched by this recognition. “It was something meritorious, but at the end of the line, there is a victim,” he says sincerely.

“I just wish Natasha to get better, it is surrounded by competent people. It needs little help. When someone talks to me, I see his face and the ten sledgehammer too. ”

Three policemen decorated
Officers Daniel Anctil and François Boudreau of Public Safety Trois-Rivières received the cross of valor respectively and medal for meritorious. The two men rescued 24 November 2015 a desperate citizen had plunged into the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River.

Not wishing that save human life, the agent Daniel Anctil withdrew its equipment before donning a life jacket to plunge into the river.

The François Boudreau officer then grabbed the rope of a buoy and tried to bring the two men to the nearest ladder. These, however, were a hundred meters away, against the current. The process is long and arduous. Once across, the Anctil agent is exhausted and can not feel his legs because of the cold.

That’s when the agent plunges Boudreau in turn in the river.

Two other officers came to lend a hand, found later they commandeer an inflatable boat to rescue the three men. These have of course had to be treated for hypothermia.

The agent Daniel Anctil says that when such an event occurs, the police do not have time to think about the consequences. “I said in the car by going there we would not jump, the water was too cold. When one is in front of the person in distress and needs help, we do what it takes, “said the agent Anctil.

The third policeman honored region is the agent Benoit St-Pierre of the Sûreté du Québec Nicolet. The one who received the medal for meritorious pulled an unconscious woman in his car that had plunged into the St. Lawrence River. Following resuscitation, the woman has recovered to breathe.

Thierry Leroux honored posthumously
The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy and Minister of Public Safety, Martin Coiteux, was on hand to present the awards to thirteen policemen and eleven citizens honored at the ceremony held at national police Academy.

Died in February during a police intervention in Lac-Simon, the young policeman Thierry Leroux was awarded posthumously the medal of dedication. The relatives of the young man greeted with emotions that distinction.

Thierry Leroux’s father admits that the ceremony was not obvious to live for him and his family. “It cuts the wrong two. The distress will always be there, but it’s a little room for pride in what Thierry was and what he has accomplished, “said Michel Leroux. “It warms our heart and puts a balm on the wound that will never heal.”

Martin Coiteux said at the ceremony that when a police officer dies in service, the entire law enforcement community and all Quebecers who are grieving.

Also, six policemen of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Police Service were decorated for their work during the attack that killed the military Patrice Vincent.

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