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asterix-farnham-feront-leur-cinemaWho would have thought that between football and cinema, there was – at times – one not? Now the Asterix Farnham will be featured in the film The Fall of Sparta, to be shot this fall.

Teenagers are likely to know the children’s novel of the same name, written by Biz, the singer Loco Locass. Published in 2011 and winner of several awards, The Fall of Sparta was dedicated three times bestseller in Quebec. It is even being considered in several French classes in high school in Quebec.

It will now be made into a film by Parallaxes production company co-founded by Marc Biron and Sonia Despars, a daughter of Ange-Gardien. They have targeted some football teams to finally hear about Coach Ross Lemke Asterix and his juvenile high school Jean-Jacques Bertrand.

“With him, it was obvious. This film is entertainment, of course, but it also conveys important topics such as friendship, sometimes difficult adolescence and worry about the future. Mr. Lemke saw this shoot a great experience for its young, “notes Marc Biron.

It is therefore all the Farnham club that will play a relatively important role in the feature film. “In the film, the team takes a good place. Towards the end, there is a dramatic pivot with it, “he added, confirming that the film version is quite faithful to the book.

Directed by Tristan Dubois, The Fall of Sparta tells the story of Steeve Simard, 16, ending at the Gaston-Miron versatile Saint-Lambert, rather solitary and marginal. While his school football team – the Spartans, which includes his best friend – makes rain or shine, Steeve has trouble with linebacker club. The incident, combined with his interest in a pretty girl, just change the course of his daily …

To perform scenes from games grounded in reality, so it was real players. The group of forty athletes will be involved to turn two parts and training. They personify not only the Spartans, but also their opponents.

Six actors will also require liners for football scenes. We must therefore find the “perfect matches” among the real players, both in terms of the template that the color of the skin, says Biron.

Etienne Boulay
To ensure the best possible benefit, Farnham footballers will receive technical advice of former Montreal Alouette Etienne Boulay. Upon reading the script, the Marievillois mandate will be to develop games, almost as if it were choreographed, making them the most exciting possible. A role that allows him to bring forward his creative side, he enthuses.

And no question for him to miss this first experience in the world of cinema. He knows that the days will be long, but who cares. “I am very meticulous. I want it to be good, as game scenes are impressive and highly realistic, “says Étienne Boulay confessing that he himself would have loved to participate in such filming during his youth football.

A delighted coach
Recalling that Jean-Jacques Bertrand is a small school with a long football tradition, Ross Lemke said for his part that this selection is a great honor for the institution, it provides great visibility and it will allow his “boys” to further learning in life.

Especially since his meeting with the production team and Étienne Boulay convinced that football scenes will be real and well done.

“I have met young people after exams, when I was sure that we were chosen to announce the news. They were overjoyed, “says Lemke.

The latter, Étienne Boulay and production have appointments with parents and young people on July 11 to explain what will look the adventure that awaits them. It even suggest to his players to read The Fall of Sparta to set the mood.

Preparation work is expected to begin in July, for the team to be ready for the shooting in September.

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