Cigarettes cook to the disappearance of Ukrainian counters: details of the ban

Сигареты готовят к исчезновению с украинских прилавков: детали запрета

In Ukraine, may prohibit cigarettes

Under the ban, which is likely to be approved and implemented in the country, get cigarettes with various additives.

This is referred to in the draft law of the Ministry of health “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine on adaptation of its legislation to the requirements of Directive 2014/40/EU of the European Parliament (for the protection of human health from the harmful effects of tobacco),” according to UBR.

Сигареты готовят к исчезновению с украинских прилавков: детали запрета

It is known that may prohibit popular in Ukraine tobacco products, including vitamins and caffeine. It is also known that the authorities are going to control the entire path of the cigarette packs – so to say “from the factory to the seller.”

Excerpts from the new document:

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  1. Smoking tobacco products will include not only the combustion of tobacco, but the heat and smoldering. That is, the use of iqos and glo — fully equal to all tobacco products.
  2. In cigarettes will appear a restriction on the content of different substances: it is forbidden to exceed the nicotine 1.0 mg tar 10 mg carbon monoxide — 10 mg (the contents of nicotine and tar in smoke of one cigarette should not exceed: nicotine and 1.2 mg tar — 12 mg).
  3. Appears restrictions on the composition of content in the cartridges for electronic cigarettes. – Nicotine liquid can be implemented only in special gas containers not exceeding 10ml and disposable e-cigarettes — not more than 2 ml.
  4. The content of the nicotine-nicotine liquid can not exceed 20 mg/ml.
  5. Prohibited additives in tobacco products and the contents of the cartridges for e-cigarettes: vitamins, caffeine (associated with energy), additives, colours smoke, easy smoke inhalation or absorption of nicotine.
  6. Prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes to persons under 18 years of age.
  7. Advertising of electronic cigarettes and petrol containers.
  8. Manufacturers and importers of electronic cigarettes and petrol containers will be obliged to provide annually to the Central Executive authority information on sales, TM, the form of product, method of sale, the structure of consumer preferences.
  9. Introduces the reporting of ingredients and emissions of tobacco products for each TM and type.
  10. Health warning for cigarettes, tobacco for rolling cigarettes and tobacco for hookah must cover at least 50% of the surface of the bundles on which they are printed.
  11. The warning label must not be less than 4.4 cm in height and 5.2 cm in width.
  12. In electronic cigarettes will have to prescribe the composition, a warning that the use of nicotine is addictive and that the use of non-smokers is not recommended

Сигареты готовят к исчезновению с украинских прилавков: детали запрета

Let us recall that according to forecasts of the national Bank, the price of cigarettes will increase by about 19%. The rise in price of alcoholic production forecast in the range of 6-9% per year in 2019-2021 years.

Recall, Groisman “forced” inflated prices to the heavens, the Ukrainians will not be good.

As reported Politeka, Groisman set up a new Scam with the prices, prices will change again.

Also Politeka reported that the jump in rates is inevitable, “the decision was made”.