Cigarette smuggling in Ukraine exposed a daring scheme to circumvent the law

Контрабанда сигарет в Украине: разоблачены дерзкие схемы обхода закона

Ukraine has become a country of strip, through which the EU received contraband cigarettes from around the world

This was confirmed by President Vladimir Zelensky, when he went to the Transcarpathian customs office and did the dressing officials.

For one hour only to Europe via Ukraine border crossing 33 thousand packs of cigarettes, said the investigation with Evgeny Maksinym.

Контрабанда сигарет в Украине: разоблачены дерзкие схемы обхода закона

Illegal import of cigarettes in our country, you can find cigarettes from Belarus, UAE, China, Russia, Romania, Moldova — it’s all the result of corruption in customs, and security services.

Scheme for the transfer of illegal cigarettes in Ukraine is not that difficult. To the importation into our country of illegal cigarettes could not control European organization, they are first directed to the illegal Republic, like Abkhazia and Transnistria, where there are no representatives of these organizations and control over them is lost from sight. And then with the breakaway republics, they go to Ukraine and the EU.

Контрабанда сигарет в Украине: разоблачены дерзкие схемы обхода закона

Formally disappear illegal cigarettes can and in the occupied Donetsk.

There are a couple of ways to cheat the law and make a lot of money on smuggling. Because if in Ukraine a box of cigarettes will cost about $ 200, in Poland it can be sold for 400-500, and in the UK for $ 1,000.

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