Chronic fatigue syndrome: doctors told how to get back to life

Синдром хронической усталости: врачи рассказали, как вернуться к жизни

This syndrome is to fully learn and operate, any movement causes unbearable fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is recognized by the experts, along with diabetes and obesity, the new “epidemic of the 21st century.” According to statistics from the world health organization, the disease of a psychological nature already suffers from almost half of the working population.

The doctors talked about the main causes, symptoms and methods of prevention.

Синдром хронической усталости: врачи рассказали, как вернуться к жизни

The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome:

– fatigue that a person experiences all the time – even after a long rest and sound sleep;

– weakness – continuous desire to sit or lie down even for passive recreation or work, the rejection of the motion;

– apathy – indifference to any events in life: nothing brings joy;

– irritability – daily release of aggression on other people’s Pets for no reason.

Causes of chronic fatigue

– chronic lack of sleep: frequently observed in nursing mothers, as well as workaholics who combine several jobs and do not sleep more than 4 hours a day instead of 8;

– fatigue: people trapped in an endless routine of duties and chores, leaving no time for their Hobbies, pleasure and rest;

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– the monotony of life: many of us live on a pre-defined plan, observing strict discipline and unquestioning mode, accompanied by a dullness of life that is similar to the existence of the person and unfeeling robot.

As such human behavior is detrimental both for him and for others who suffer without guilt, to lose sympathy and credibility, it is urgent to correct the situation in such ways:

– adequate sleep: this is a natural human need ensures the relaxation of body and soul, restoring energy and health, youth and beauty;

– pleasant rest: the man should be distracted from job duties and the mundane, to remove physical fatigue and emotional stress on a picnic by the lake, at the seaside, mountain resort – in a word, in solitude with nature;

Синдром хронической усталости: врачи рассказали, как вернуться к жизни

– proper diet: first, you need to eat foods that bring pleasure and benefits to the body, and secondly, saturated with energy and positive.

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