Christophe Beaugrand plans to marry her companion Ghislain Gérin – Here

Together since 2011, Christophe Beaugrand and Ghislain Gérin believe in marriage. The presenter of TF1 wants even more long-term and starting a family.

Sometimes criticized for his talents as an animator Christophe Beaugrand is a happy man in love. For about six years, he has lived a beautiful story with Ghislain Gérin, a journalist for The Daily France 5. “I was lucky enough to share my life with someone who asks me, and that is also critical, not in admiration, gave it to Purepeople in August 2016. I think that I would hate to be with someone who would tell me : ‘Ah, you were awesome last night, too beautiful’. I prefer someone, maybe not me case, but in any case that is in the sincerity. “

Very much in love, the couple is planning soon to move to the next step : marriage. “It’s a project,” said Christophe Beaugrand in The interview without the filter of Tv-Entertainment. “It is in the pipes but this is not yet fixed. But there is a want “, he continued, preferring to remain vague on the subject. The same on his desires of paternity, Christophe Beaugrand has admitted that it was time for him to think about it : “I was 40 years old, it will be necessary that I put. ”

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