Christina Solovey presented a new song “bad habit”

The song is dedicated to the best friend of the singer.

Христина Соловій презентувала нову композицію "Шкідлива звичка"

25-year-old Ukrainian singer Kristina Solovii presented a new song “bad habit”, which was the final in the future, the third album of the singer, informs Rus.Media.

His new song Nightingale Christina devoted best friend, and the title track, the singer explains: “My dear friend very easily falls in love. And it beautiful gets upset when I tell him it’s a bad habit”.

It is worth noting that this is the first song Christina co-wrote with his brother Eugene. Over the arrangement, the singer worked with his new team picked in the spring to record the album.

“Somewhere in the summer of 2015 in our father’s Lviv the apartment was very Sunny. Eugene played the guitar some beautiful chords and I immediately sang the tune. On the same day wrote the lyrics. When we created the arrangement, I wanted to see under it it was nice nostalgia for last summer and what happened this summer,” – said the singer.

Fans appreciated the new track celebrity who, like everyone else, was very emotional and lyrical. “Very nice”, “thanks for the warm autumn song!”, “So real”, “Very sincerely and from the heart!”, – wrote fans.

Listen to the new track Christina Solovey “bad habit” online:

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