Christian Quesada : this is why it is separated from the mother of his children – Here’s

Since Christian Quesada has released his autobiography, the revelations are well underway ! We now know more about the intimate life that he is trying however to keep so secret.

The sentimental life of Christian Quesada has been widely staged in The 12 strokes of Noon. It must be said that Jean-Luc Reichmann has tried to settle with its rival during the 6 months that have composed his adventure.

Eliminated by Clare in the month of January and winning party in history with its 809 392€ of gains, Christian, however, has indeed found love through the show… Although he retains all of his modesty, he states his view in his autobiography, The Master of Midi, to be published in the November 15, editions Les Arènes, including our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs come to distribute a few excerpts. “The relationship I have with my girlfriend since a year, I would like to keep it that secret,” he wrote. Even as I speak little of my children or my ex-wife. “

Life has not always been rosy for Christian. Former SDF, fell into alcohol and drugs just prior to his adventure TF1, it is separated from the mother of his two sons, Clement and Robin, in may 2012. “My couple did not. The age difference may be, the hours of work shifted, or simply the love faded too quickly. […] Our divorce was pronounced […] four years after our marriage. “To learn, it will be necessary to address some 280 pages of his book… and as soon as tomorrow in the library !

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