Christian Quesada (12 o’clock) : drugs, alcohol, it is a book without taboos in the book – Here

Away trays of TF1, Christian Quesada has wanted to reveal himself to hearts open to his fans. In his book, the champion of the 12 Strokes of noon was entrusted on his darkest period of his life, between insecurity and addictions.

Christian Quesada is the champion of the most iconic of the 12 Strokes of noon. With its 193 emissions and its winnings, amounting to 809 000 euros, the candidate of TF1 has seen her life change drastically. This beneficiary of the RSA, which had more than 60 euros in his account before playing with Jean-Luc Reichmann, can now cover her loved ones with gifts. A daydream, for this single father is 52 years old.

On the strength of its incredible journey, Christian Quesada decided to share the periods of the most striking moments of her life in a biography called The Master of midi, to be published in the November 15, editions Les Arènes. If we already knew that the former candidate of the French channel TF1 had been brought to sleep in the street after having lost his job and his housing, his problems with addiction have also been sinking.

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“By putting my pain into words, I have found things buried “, said to TV Mag Christian Quesada, who has contemplated the writing of his book as a therapy. “As the state of disrepair of the accommodation where I was living at a time, the drugs, the alcohol, my period SDF… I have no shame, but I do not boast either. This is my life. Fortunately, my brain is still awake, and it is a work of titan “, he revealed.

In his autobiography, Christian Quesada, therefore, will allow viewers to ” understand better why and how (it) is built and destroyed “. “This is the game that has saved me several times,” said the champion of the 12 Strokes of noon, which now dreams of one day to see his life story adapted for the tv.

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