CHP at Buckingham Palace: the 22-year-old crazy rushed to Elizabeth II, the details

ЧП в Букингемском дворце: 22-летний псих ворвался к Елизавете II, подробности

At Buckingham Palace there was an emergency: the attacker has penetrated the protected area and tried to get to the room to 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II

Security officers responded quickly and arrested the offender. If there was no weapons found, so action will not be considered as an attempted terrorist attack. A source close to the Royal family, revealed some details of the incident. It is reported by The Sun.

“This man was determined to get to the Palace and knocked at the door, but, Thank God, everything was locked,” — said the insider.

The 22-year-old man who tried to break in to the Queen, not yet reported. The police arrested the offender and is now trying to figure out the state of his mental health. Guards Buckingham Palace suggest that the attacker tried to repeat the offence, Michael Fagan, who managed to sneak into the bedroom of the Queen on 9 July 1982.

ЧП в Букингемском дворце: 22-летний псих ворвался к Елизавете II, подробности

It turned out that during the emergency, consort of Elizabeth II Prince Philip wasn’t home. Queen has not commented on the situation. However, members of the Royal family are already thinking about how to increase security in their homes.

Now in Buckingham Palace check out the alarm system and surveillance camera. Employees trying to figure out how the attacker managed to enter the territory of one of the most protected sites in the UK.

ЧП в Букингемском дворце: 22-летний псих ворвался к Елизавете II, подробности

Earlier it was reported that Kate Middleton received a very high honor from Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen of England decided to give the Duchess of Cambridge is one of the important things, which occupies the greater part of his life.

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Recall that Kate Middleton has discovered an incurable disease, which affects Elizabeth II.

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