Chinese excavator on a huge, heavy machines showed an amazing level of technique

Adjusted movement, acrobatic techniques, full synergy — so it is only as an air balancing act and difficult to call.

Китайські екскаваторники на величезних, важких машинах показали абсолютно дивовижний рівень володіння технікою

Training important workers were always in China at the height. Constant practice, only modern technology, savvy instructors. That’s the result: a generation of smart and experienced professionals, informs Rus.Media.

Of course, the movie demonstrates not only the skills of the operators, but the level of Chinese technology. That is to say, carefully Rostovskiy glass glass steel bucket looks very impressive. The accuracy is so high that the car can be made to write and draw, not to mention the stunts on two wheels.

By the way, this video has gained popularity only now, but was filmed in 2011. Imagine to what level have grown these guys for 7 years!

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