Chinese cars has opened up access to state programs

The company “Derways” from Cherkessk, specializing in the production of cars brands Lifan, Chery, Brilliance and DW Hower, became fully participate in the industrial Assembly in Russia. Such measures are allowed to import duty-free the automotive aftermarket and to remove obstacles to the importation of Chinese cars in the domestic car market.

But analysts have expressed their fears of creating difficulties for the Russian automotive industry. It is noted that the Circassian automobile plant began to use the so-called sleeping agreement about industrial Assembly. It concluded in 2005 with the firm Khimeks which decided to create avtomobilnoe the company was sold.

The new owner Khimeks became “Derways”, which gave them to become a full participant of the Assembly. This means that Derways can now participate in state programs designed to stimulate demand. But in the press centers of the Chinese companies refused to comment, considering the question of preferential programs is quite painful. It is reported that “Derways” was sent to the authorities a petition for the allocation of subventions for the three models, although it produces more than 10 cars.

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