China has tested a hypersonic weapon

В Китае испытали гиперзвуковое оружие

China argues that successfully tested a hypersonic aircraft that can reach speeds six times the speed of sound.

This vehicle is able to penetrate the missile defense system the United States and can be converted into a nuclear warhead, according to Gizmodo (translation — “New time”).

The hypersonic vehicle, which is called Starry Sky-2 (or Star-2) was launched August 3. After delivery to a height of 30 km with a multistage solid-fuel missiles, hypersonic aircraft began solo flight, reaching a maximum velocity of Mach 6 — six times the speed of sound, which is about 7 344 km/h.

According to the statement published by the state Chinese Academy of aerospace aerodynamics (CAAA), HGV supported speeds above Mach 5.5 for nearly seven minutes. Starry Sky-2, which was developed almost three years, now is the first hypersonic aircraft in China.

During the test, a hypersonic vehicle produced “maneuvers with large rotation angle” and other movements, said CAAA. HGV landed on their own, giving researchers the “effective” data for further testing.

In addition to the fact that it is the first hypersonic aircraft in China, HGV vanrednim is also the first aircraft of the country. Hypersonic vehicles like were are wedge-shaped nose, which increases lift at supersonic speeds, using the resulting in-flight shock wave.

The purpose of the aircraft was not officially named, but, of course, it can be used as military equipment. Chinese media claim that the Starry Sky-2 can be armed with a nuclear warhead. The device supposedly to overcome any existing missile defense system due to the high speed and unpredictable trajectory.

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