Children Pugacheva and Galkin gave a family secret: “Soon be free”

Дети Пугачевой и Галкина выдали семейную тайну: «Скоро будет свободна»

Maxim Galkin told how their Diva children responded to the large “solo” moms

Russian comedian Maxim Galkin published online touching video about how his children Lisa and Harry was very nervous and was worried about the concert of Alla Pugacheva in the Kremlin.

As you know, children were for the first time on the big performance of Alla Pugacheva. It is also known that even during the rehearsals of the anniversary of Alla Pugacheva told – for the sake of the twins she decided for the first time in 10 years to go on stage.

So Maxim Galkin showed footage in personal Instagram, where you can see how eagerly the children were waiting for the concert of the prima Donna:

“Mom’s last concert. My mother will be free,” – says in the video, Harry Galkin. “And what would she do?” – asks his father. “Like what? To play with us!” said the heir of Alla Pugacheva. Apparently, he is against the continuation of mom’s career.

Дети Пугачевой и Галкина выдали семейную тайну: «Скоро будет свободна»

Recall, April 17, in the Kremlin Palace the anniversary concert of the prima Donna. When the artist sang the legendary song “Woman” came on the scene her children, grandchildren and husband Maxim Galkin.

Earlier it was reported that Donna remembered that her ex-husband Alexander Stefanovich often says in interviews that “made” her a star. The artist turned to the Director:

“Alexander Borisovich Stefanovich, appeals to you people’s artist of the Soviet Union. If you invented a legend that you are the main person who made me a singer somewhere in the 77th year. I want to remind that I’m already 75-m “harlequin,” I sang. In ’78, I’m already in Sopot played”.

Дети Пугачевой и Галкина выдали семейную тайну: «Скоро будет свободна»

She gave the Council Stefanovich:

“If you are forced to say so, and more you have no earnings, in addition to 30 pieces of silver these. I want to tell you: do lectures on this subject: “As I did the Pugachev”. Earn. If you are so cool, then do another singer”.

Alla Pugacheva reminded that this was a fake marriage for a Moscow residence permit, which then needed a Director.

Дети Пугачевой и Галкина выдали семейную тайну: «Скоро будет свободна»

According to Alla Pugacheva, Stefanovic told me that once she broke up coat to a woman and smashed his car:

“Well, is it possible to tell it. I tore my coat, I tore that coat to pieces, that bitch. I didn’t beat the car. I fucking destroyed. Because the car was mine. Know that Alexander Borisovich, what you want with it, then do it. Oh, you have nowhere to go? Understand ever buy for yourself” – said an angry Alla Pugacheva.

Recall that the tragedy occurred in the family Pugacheva: “I would be a boy.”

As reported Politeka, Pugachev stunned all sexy leather outfit, “was Trying to hide.”

Also Politeka wrote that Pugachev was scared of his appearance with a hangover.