Children Peskov disgraced a loud outburst: “forbidden love”

Дети Пескова оскандалились громкой выходкой: "запретная любовь"

Children press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov Elizaveta Mysanantonio close that they were suspected of having links that are closer than is usual between relatives

Lisa and Mike Sand is often spread in social networks photo where they are hugging and go a couple in a restaurant because of what subscribers think are brother and sister represent “love”. As the heroes of the cult TV series “Game of thrones” Jamie and Cersei Lannister, which is linked more than just the love of brother to sister, according to Vladtime.

Дети Пескова оскандалились громкой выходкой: "запретная любовь"

“Such manifestations of affection and the violation of intimate space seem suspicious, suggest certain associations, but on the other hand, mass culture has now managed to corrupt everything,” – commented the reporters relationship of young people.

For example, because of the “Game of thrones” each embracing brother and sister began to suspect “forbidden love”.

Дети Пескова оскандалились громкой выходкой: "запретная любовь"

Children Peskov would not hurt to play it cool and not to post ambiguous photos.

Earlier it was reported that the second series of the new and last season of “Game of thrones” character Arya stark Maisie Williams for the first time in the entire existence of the show appeared without clothes in one scene.

Right before the big battle of the Night King and his army of the dead girl decided to sleep with the character Gendry, played by actor Joseph Dempsey, who is the bastard of Robert Baratheon – a simple blacksmith, who came to help the soldiers.

Дети Пескова оскандалились громкой выходкой: "запретная любовь"

So, it is at this point Macy for the first time undressed on the screen, which was greatly surprised many viewers. Many fans have written angry comments, saying they are unpleasant and strange to see a love scene involving a child.

The fact that Maisie Williams was only 13 years old when she started acting in the famous TV series. At the moment she is 22 years old, but for many fans it still looks like a little kid. The actress said that the creators of the series did not require her to show naked body to the camera as a whole. However, the girl decided to leave on as much clothing. She noted that during the filming of the surrounding behaved so respectfully that she became even more uncomfortable.

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