Children in the heart of the practice

petite-hollie-6-mois-sa(Trois-Rivieres) Dr. Anne Fournier passes from the waiting room to the gale in consultation room. Pediatric cardiologist a busy day at Three Rivers Hospital. Friday, 55 young patients were patiently waiting to see for a consultation. With his colleague, Dr. Myriam Brassard, thus two Fridays per month.

Dr. Fournier is part of the cardiopédiatrique mobile clinic of the Sainte-Justine Hospital celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Rather than move forty families, she comes to Trois-Rivieres to meet the growing needs of children for cardiology consultations.

Fortunately, she can count on the help of Dr. Myriam Brassard, a native of La Tuque and specialist in pediatric ultrasound, which is in Trois-Rivieres on Thursday and Friday twice a month also. Accompanied by a technician, they manage to see and reassure the families.

And when children are less cooperative exam because of fatigue or fear, Dr. Fournier has more than one trick up his sleeve. She leaves her “magic ball” and the tears almost instantly cease. It will be understood: the cardiologist love children. I must say it is first pediatrician training. “Children, I have not seen it. I do not know that adult medicine, “she retorts.

The ten pediatric cardiologists Sainte-Justine collaborating in this mobile clinic. Dr. Fournier is however one that makes the most. Three to four days a week, she travels the cities of Quebec to provide cardiology consultations.

“I started doing these clinics there and it pleased me a lot. I felt like responding to a request. It is trained to help. By moving me I could offer exactly the same as all those families who moved to come to St. Justine. Today (Friday), we’re three to move and there are 55 families who will not have to move to Montreal, “says one who is also the co-founder of the organization En Coeur, the Quebec Foundation sick children of the heart.

This represents a significant saving of time and money for families. Missed work days, the puzzle to find a babysitter for the other children, road, parking: the mobile clinic avoids all these inconveniences.

She recalls having a child with a heart problem is far from easy. “It’s heavy, it’s difficult, it’s exhausting. Sure that children who have significant cardiac disease will eventually go to Sainte-Justine, but all we can do outside Montreal, we will. ”

Dr. Myriam Brassard is also part of this great team for 17 years. Since it comes from the Mauricie, she was very happy to join the Three Rivers team. She appreciates the care of the patient as mobile clinics offer. “We take the patient load from A to Z. We can develop great relationships with them. People like it, “she notes. “But it takes a great capacity to adapt because it is often local or different equipment.”

But do not come to this clinic wants. The patient must first have been referred by a family doctor. Dr. Fournier also appreciate this collaboration with other health professionals. “Pediatricians and doctors know we exist. We speak, there is a collaboration with everyone. I am convinced that the pediatric cardiology care is better because there is an exchange, there is a direct contact between doctors. It’s very friendly, “she says.

In twenty years, Dr. Fournier has seen medicine change at breakneck speed “I saw lots of great stories over the years. Pediatric Cardiology, is a science that has evolved. The majority of children we see with a heart defect will survive. We can now expect a life quite normal. ”

Over the years, the equipment they carry considerably smaller. “At first it was very large aircraft that was carrying. We have two devices echocardiography with us today and that’s as big as laptops. ”

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