Children are caught in a trap of the militants, there was irreparable: “Play near the road”

Дети угодили в ловушку боевиков, произошло непоправимое: «Играли возле дороги»

On Saturday, may 11, a crowd of children stumbled upon the trap of the militants, which they left near the road for the military

It is reported by France24.

“The mine was planted by Taliban on the main road, to damage the security forces of Afghanistan”, — said the press Secretary of the Governor of the province, Aref Noori.

Note that the incident occurred in the Ghazni province in Afghanistan. The children were playing near the road at the moment when the explosion occurred.

Дети угодили в ловушку боевиков, произошло непоправимое: «Играли возле дороги»

According to a local resident, the children were seven to nine years. At least four of them were from the same family. Four of them were injured.

As previously reported, in the Pakistani province of Balochistan in the local luxury hotel stormed by armed bandits.


We know, roughly — armed attackers were three, they stormed into the Pearl Continental hotel in the port city of Gwadar:

“Most of the guests had to be evacuated. No injuries were reported. Now the building is under the control of the security forces”, — is spoken in the message.

It is also known that the hotel is popular among foreign tourists and businessmen, but Balochistan is the poorest province of Pakistan – the usual fate of the region managed to avoid the result of a multibillion-dollar Chinese investment project was constructed and the above mentioned hotel.

Add, six children were injured in a fire in the Church of the village Boundary in the Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation:

“A group of children were on the tour and climbed to the bell tower, when on the lower level started a fire. Therefore, children had to descend through the smoky room. Fortunately, there were no burns, all children are in the hospital with complaints of shortness of breath, cough, shortness of breath was reported in the local Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, — stated in the message.

Дети угодили в ловушку боевиков, произошло непоправимое: «Играли возле дороги»

Recall that Notre Dame could collapse at any moment, there is a new danger that threatens the heart of France.

As reported Politeka, hero of the day celebrated the birthday in cafe, but a powerful explosion took his life.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukrainians are scared of the murder of a chef: now we have to keep quiet so as not slaughtered.