Child in Russia severely punished for disobedience: “gasped”, the details of the tragedy

Ребенка в России жестоко наказали за непослушание: «задохнулся», детали трагедии

Drugged, unknown assailants attacked a 15-year-old

The real drama played out in the street in the town of Pervouralsk (Russia). There is unknown beaten to death by 15-year-old.

About it writes “tv360”:

“It was yesterday afternoon. Some guys on something (whether drugs, or alcohol) stuck to Valera, asked for a cigarette. It is unknown how, but a fight broke out, it began to beat, he is also in response to hit and run. Caught up and, apparently, the shot was in the throat. He started to choke and suffocate,” said the mother of the dead guy on the radio station “Moscow Says”.

You know that guy was in the ninth grade of the local school № 12.

It is also known that the official representative of the Sverdlovsk Department of internal Affairs Valery Gorelykh refused to comment on Russian media the death of a child, citing a desire not to make any statements until the results of the medical examination.

We will remind, 10-year-old girl kidnapped in front of everyone.

The incident occurred about five o’clock Tuesday evening, April 2, in Chervonohrad in Lviv region.

On the street with his 8-year-old sister was walking 10-year-old girl. On the street to the sisters was approached by an unknown male. He put the older girl on the bike and left.

Addressed to militiamen scared the child’s mother.

Police are asking citizens to help find the girl. It features: dark hair color. Two front teeth protrude slightly forward on the left cheek of the girl mole.

The child was a pink jacket and the same color hat with ears, black sweat pants and red sneakers.

Also militiamen found out, looked like the kidnapper: “Older, was wearing a green jacket, dark glasses, bike tied green ribbon”.

Ребенка в России жестоко наказали за непослушание: «задохнулся», детали трагедии

Police asked to respond to concerned citizens and report if they know the whereabouts of the girls, but calling the phone “102”.

As reported earlier, in Odessa region was declared wanted by the child: missing 9-year-old Tania Sandu born in 2009, left and never came back. The girl voluntarily left child care institution and never came back. The child’s whereabouts are still not known.

In addition, it was reported that the police managed to catch the corrupter of children, who himself was a child. 14-year-old raped a 6-grader in one of villages of Ukraine, while he filmed the crime on his camera phone.

Recall that in Kiev mysteriously disappeared 13-year-old girl.

As reported Politeka, it became known what happened to the missing “star.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the legendary athlete was killed.