Chicane for a McDo in the HSF: the referendum is avoided

1226562(Angus) The only person qualified to vote on the annexation folder McDonald’s declined to exercise his right to sign the register, which relegates to oblivion the holding of a possible referendum.

In this way, Regulation 723, which decreed the annexation of 4182171 lot located on the territory of the Canton of Westbury, is now deemed approved. “It’s just what happens next in this matter. After adopting this regulation, the Township of Westbury could give his opinion and he had given up. For its part, the Haut-Saint-François had preferred to remain neutral. Following things was keeping the register, but with the abstention of the owner, that regulation is deemed approved by the City of East Angus, “said the CEO of East Angus, David Rousseau.

The only step forward to close this case is to send all the necessary documents to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs that the verdict is rendered. “At that time, it was the Minister Martin Coiteux determine if annexation or not. The outcome of this case is no longer in our hands, “says Rousseau.

An important territory for East Angus

If the expansion process is indeed approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, it will cause a lot of repercussions for East Angus. “For the city, it is a very interesting commercial center where there was work to boost this sector. Today, the fruits are harvested from this work with a convenience store, car wash and a McDonald’s restaurant. So at the trade and economic development, that is something that is very interesting. We wish all our merchants and we are proud of the work that has been done at this point, “admitted the director general of the City.

Recall that East Angus had adopted Regulation 723 which decreed the annexation of the territory where the McDonald’s is located on 2 May. The Municipality of Westbury opposed it later and tried to find the support needed to derail the annexation to the fast food restaurant remains in its territory.

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