Chernivtsi remained without the mayor

Черновцы остались без мэра

Chernivtsi remained without the mayor

A town without a mayor. In Chernivtsi Ukraine has sent in resignation of the mayor. Than the guilty, and as the vote took place was seen by our correspondents.

So many people this hall may still be seen. Come to a meeting of about two hundred inhabitants. On the street – dozens of police officers. Near the entrance to the city Hall metal detectors. The reason for all – the main issue on the agenda termination of powers of Chernivtsi mayor. Alex Kaspruk charged with violations of the Constitution, falsification of labour legislation, failures in the public sector.

“So, mi pomerelia, mi pavili scho VI you can pokersite our life. Visnaga. Dt! VI – dt!”

In defense of mayor becoming citizens: the hall came with posters. Like, in the city, indeed, the chaos – but not because of the inaction of the mayor. Blame the deputies.

“Please write a claim on im’ya I’s head of the Verkhovna Rada about those scho not spravlyaetsya, Yak deputies from svoi obov askami I have otstavku everyone knows, what does piti”.

Some members sign statements. The rest ignored. To the podium and then approach the supporters and opponents of the mayor. Discussion delayed for 6 hours. In the end, decide to hold a secret ballot. In the Bulletin only one question on early termination of powers of Alexei Kaspruk. Of the 42 deputies present vote only 30.

“For! For! For!”

With 29 votes out of 30 – Alexei Kaspruk was dismissed. Now to perform the duties of the mayor will be city Council Secretary. Vasyl Prodan says: in the first place will utilities.

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“Well, TSE transport I roads. Public transport I roads – TSE DW those s yakih treba pasinati I for that required bratica completion”, – says Vasyl Prodan, Secretary of the Chernivtsi city Council.

Alex Kaspruk convene journalists for a briefing. On the steps of city Hall said, will sue in court. With the mayor retiring and some heads of departments.

“Be called a few more people vzhe wrote, declared on zvilnennya, I h Papisov. The fact scho people ctco razumot scho are Robit m will not give. I think scho vzhe – norutyun group, we will together with them svetalisa to the court about skasuvannya quiet nezakonnyh rchen, that msica glad Buda, Primate”, – said Alexei Kaspruk.

The mayor of Chernivtsi Alex Kaspruk has held since may 2014. In the past a business owner. Teacher. Several years ran one of the utilities. From 2010 to 2014 he headed the regional organization of party “Front of changes”.

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