Cheerleader, which is not allowed on football, has made a fatal details and footage of a terrible tragedy

Болельщица, которую не пустили на футбол, совершила непоправимое: подробности и кадры ужасной трагедии

A terrible tragedy occurred in Iran with the cheerleader

The girl who did not get to a football match of your favorite team, committed self-immolation.

In Iran a 30-year-old football fan Sugar Hodari committed suicide in protest against the arbitrariness of the authorities. The girl doused himself with a flammable liquid and struck a match, according to news Agency Shafaghna.

Болельщица, которую не пустили на футбол, совершила непоправимое: подробности и кадры ужасной трагедии

In March of Hodari tried to get to a football match of our favorite club “Esteglal” under the guise of men. However, it was exposed and on the football girl is not horrible.

Moreover, the Sugar of Hodari was convicted. Last week at the hearing the fan has learned that she faces from six months to two years in prison. In protest, the girl set fire to himself outside the courtroom.

Hodari immediately hospitalized. Cheerleader received 90% of burns of a body. Monday, September 10, Sugar died in the hospital.

“Our sister, #SaharKhodayari, also known as #bluegirl, recently set himself on fire in protest against her attempts to get to the football stadium in a man costume. This is the only way that women in Iran can watch football. Yesterday it died for a right that we take for granted,” – said in a statement on Twitter the Internet the wearer Masih Alinejad.

This story immediately received a huge resonance in the world.

Thus, the ex-player of “Bavaria” and the national team of Iran, Ali Karimi, spoke against the ban on visiting stadiums in women, and urged his compatriots to boycott the matches in protest after the death of the cheerleaders.

In the International football Federation also reacted to the tragedy: “We learned about the very sad news from Iran and deeply sorry. FIFA expresses its condolences to the family and friends Sugar. We reiterate our calls to the Iranian authorities to ensure freedom and security to all women participating in the legitimate struggle for the abolition of the prohibition of access to stadiums for women.”

Recall that in Iran the fairer half of humanity since 1981, banned from attending football matches involving men.

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Болельщица, которую не пустили на футбол, совершила непоправимое: подробности и кадры ужасной трагедии

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