Cheat sheet for drivers: how to choose tires

The choice of tires is a complex issue that is largely based on personal preferences and stereotypes.

Шпаргалка для водіїв: як правильно обрати шини

The choice of tires is a complex issue that is largely based on personal preferences and stereotypes. But this is the model and type (studded or non-studded). But with the dimension it’s simple: look what is on the car from the factory, and looking with the same parameters. If they for some reason are not satisfied, look in the instruction manual, which defines all valid manufacturer options, informs Rus.Media.

The parameters of the wheels “manual” on the official website of the automaker, as a rule, do not write. And find out their dealer most likely will not work. The answer is standard: buy original discs that are designed exclusively for your model. Manager will show you the right options, and inches and millimeters – this extra knowledge. It is not suitable for everyone. Who is not satisfied with a limited selection of drawings, who wants a diameter more or less, but most don’t like the high price of the original.

Tip: all parameters are imprinted on the wheel. Here only not the fact that on its outer surface. Most likely, it will have to remove and clean the inside to get to the promised numbers.

Шпаргалка для водіїв: як правильно обрати шини

Before buying, be aware that any deviation from the prescribed values of the plant shall attract the consequences. They can be different: denial of warranty repair, change of car behavior on the road, the reduction of resource nodes of the suspension. But the most important thing is that from the point of view of the law, such a change must agree and certify!

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Consider these options on the example of the conventional wheel dimension, for example, 16х6 ЕТ30 PCD5х108 D60,1.

Wheel diameter (16), the most obvious option (many people think it is all there is). It is measured in inches. For the vast majority of cars from the factory put disks of different diameters depending on the configuration and the power plant, so that here the owner has a wide selection. The wheel is less than the minimum provided for staff likely will not. Although there are exceptions to this rule.

You can put a bigger size, offsetting an increase in low-profile rubber. To choose the right combination will help tire calculator (many online) that will show the overall diameter of the shoes depending on the settings of wheels and tires. Note: the lower the tyre profile, the stiffer the car, the less your suspension system and more risk of damaging the disk.

Width (6) of the wheel is also measured in inches. It is correlated with the diameter changing along with it. Usually this parameter is chosen taking into account the dimensions of the tires that are put on the wheel of specific diameter. Pay special attention to the width is, if you have planned something exclusive. For example, extra wide wheels. However, in this case, you will have zavrachitsa still processing the wings, so that the selection of wheels will be the biggest problem.

Шпаргалка для водіїв: як правильно обрати шини

Departure (ЕТ30) is measured in millimeters. The distance between the point of contact between the hub wheel and the middle of the rim. If the departure has a positive value, the wheel is visually drowned in the arch of the wing. At negative EM drive, by contrast, sticks out. Even within one model of car, the departure varies depending on the diameter of the “shoes”.

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For this option you need to pay the most attention. In the theory of plus or minus ten millimeters is not much hurt suspension and should stand on the machine. In practice, better a wheel that liked to try them first. The shape of the spokes may be such that it will cling to the brake caliper, and buying have to give. Recessed inside the drive may cling to the parts of the suspension. Ideally it is better to find a model that matches in size to the factory. And still – to check its compatibility in terms of bends of the drawing.

Шпаргалка для водіїв: як правильно обрати шини

Retreading is (PCD5х108) consists of two parts. The first shows the number of holes in the wheel (and therefore the number of holes for bolts or studs under the nuts on the hub). The second is the diameter of the circle in millimeters, on which the hole centers. To combine the hub and disk with different Robertovna not! Although there are the originals who ignore the “small” difference: for example, 4h98 and 4×100. But nothing good comes from attachment that is crooked is not.

Finally, the last parameter is the diameter of the Central hole (D60,1). It is also specified in millimeters. This is the size of the part of the wheel that it is mounted on the center hub. If it is less, the disk will not rise – no options. If it is more acceptable, however, it is recommended to compensate for the difference centering rings. The range of these parts from plastic or aluminum, a huge, can make them to order. Outer diameter must match the parameter wheel, the inner hub. You can do without them, but in this case it will be harder to install the bolts when changing the wheel, but the motion might be a strong throb through the offset alignment. Better to spend money on this accessory.

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And the last one. Position almost all manufacturers are the same: be sure to use the original wheels with the standard parameters. Therefore, any change of even minor deviations is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. And also the company whose products he chose to replace the factory.

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