Charlie Hebdo is afraid of revenge of Islamists for a new cartoon

The editor of the weekly Charlie Hebdo has called in the police after a sharp increase in threats against its employees.

The staff of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo went to the police in connection with threats of murder. This was announced by the radio station Europe 1 Monday, November 6, editor and cartoonist of the publication, Lauren “RISS” Larissa.

According to him, the decision of the editorial Board adopted in connection with the increasing number of threats after November 1, the weekly published a caricature of the conservative Swiss preacher, scholar, writer and Professor at Oxford University Tariq Ramadan.

The charges stemmed from allegations of sexual abuse made against Ramadan two women. Artist Charlie Hebdo portrayed the ideology of European Islamists with an erection, accompanied by a drawing signed “I, the sixth pillar of Islam”. The cartoon entitled “the Rape. Protection Of Tariq Ramadan.” The preacher himself denies all the charges, calling them “deceitful campaign opponents.”



The publication is constantly threatened, said Lauren Larissa, but in this case, the number of direct threats of physical destruction has reached a critical level.

“Sometimes the number of death threats that we receive on social networks to peak. This is the case. It is hard to establish whether these threats than anything serious but we treat them seriously, so I decided to apply to the police,” said the cartoonist.

Earlier Charlie Hebdo “joke” above the flood in the us state of Texas.

Source: Russian service of DW

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