Charles (Secret Story 11) : his big rant against the production – Here

Eliminated at the end of the second week of Secret Story, Charles wished to put the record straight. And the bartender was not very tender with the production, accusing them of manipulation.

This is the time to settlement of account for Charles. The candidate of Secret Story 11 released by the second week of the adventure has several things wrong with the production. The young man of 28 years did not go dead hand to express his displeasure at the microphone of Jeremstar. Very angry, he is thought to have been a victim of manipulation : “What is heavy with Secret Story, it is that you are inventing stories,” he said before going into the details.

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From the beginning of the adventure, Charles is shown to be very close to another candidate, Julie. But their reconciliation, yet immediate, has been unveiled at a time when the candidate was on the spot : “They have chosen to show it at the time of appointment to make me a c*n, a manipulator and a calculator. […] I went to a big c*nnard “, he explains. During the prime of his elimination, he has also had the surprise to see the arrival on the plateau, a so-called ex to him as announced by the production : “This girl had been just a colleague from work with whom I flirted a night […] She had told the producer that she was not my ex “.

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And the multiple lies have not only had an impact on him but also on his family life : “I told them that I didn’t grew up with my mother […] They have turned it in, saying that my mother had me aborted. I’m out of the game, she no longer wanted to talk to me. I went to a ungrateful son, then, that my mother is super good care of me.” Charges to which the production has so far not responded.

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