Charlene of Monaco : the adorable photos from the first passage to the hairdresser of her twins – Here

Yesterday, princess Charlene of Monaco has taken a big decision : to take Jacques and Gabriella, his twin, to the hairdresser. And apparently they have loved it.

Every mum knows, to be cut off for the first time her hair out of her baby is a big step. Celine Dion, for example, has always had a lot of trouble to bring himself to sacrifice the long hair of his son.

Charlene of Monaco, she decided to take the initiative, without waiting for the pretty eyes of Jacques and Gabriella will not totally disappear under a too long fringe. She had however found a parade, because during their last public appearance, both the brother and the sister both had the braided hair. A tip is now useless since yesterday, the wife of Albert has therefore brought their children for their first visit to the hairdresser.

A discovery of the world of hairdressing that has visibly delighted the minis crowned heads to believe the adorable pictures posted by their proud mother.

On the first picture, published by the princess on his account Instagram, we see James, the wicking blonde firmly in place, you can see the new cut of his little sister. Standing one in front of the other, the twins are observed, and the result has apparently been raining, because on the second shot we see them get a big hug. A time adorable for Charlene, who has just added in the caption : “Our first haircut. “

Our First Haircut. Photos by HSH Princess Charlene

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